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Discover comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique sleep challenges. Backed by science and personalized care, our holistic approach uncovers the root causes of sleep disturbances, offering you a path towards restful nights and renewed energy.

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Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night, unable to get the rest you deserve? At SOLVEMyHealth, we recognize that sleep disorders are complex and multifaceted, often influenced by a multitude of factors – from lifestyle choices to genetic predispositions.

Science-Based Sleep Solutions

Our unique approach is grounded in science and personalized care, addressing each individual’s sleep challenges comprehensively. By integrating cutting-edge research with compassionate support, we uncover the root causes of sleep disturbances and develop tailored solutions that work.

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Experience the power of scientific intervention and holistic support at SOLVEMyHealth. Let’s embark on a journey towards restful nights and renewed vitality, together.

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Discovery Call

Book a Discovery Consultation Call Today! Dive into personalized guidance for your unique sleep challenges at SOLVEMyHealth. Our experienced psychologists will listen, evaluate, and provide tailored recommendations to help you achieve better sleep and overall well-being. Take the first step now!”

Home Sleep Study

Our convenient home sleep study allows you to undergo comprehensive sleep testing in the comfort of your own home, providing valuable insights into your sleep patterns and potential sleep disorders.

CBT for improved sleep

Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) sessions offer a structured approach to improving sleep by addressing thoughts, behaviors, and habits that may contribute to sleep difficulties. Minimum 6 sessions, with the possibility of additional sessions as needed for personalized treatment.

CPAP Machine

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy is a highly effective treatment for sleep apnea. We offer CPAP machines and accessories to help you breathe easier and enjoy restful sleep. Explore our range of CPAP machines and accessories, and learn how they can improve your sleep quality.

Doctor Consultation

Comprehensive consultations by pulmonologists, neurologists, and psychiatrists to address sleep issues. Schedule with our sleep specialist to tackle insomnia and sleep disorders. Start your journey to rejuvenation!

Lifestyle Program

Our lifestyle management program focuses on incorporating healthy diet and exercise habits to promote better sleep and overall well-being. Discover our tailored program designed to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes for improved sleep and health.

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Type 2 Diabetes

Depression & Anxiety

Cognitive Decline

Immune System Dysfunction

Increased Pain Sensitivity

Hormonal Imbalance


How our sleep solution

Complimentary Consultation with Our Experts

Engage in a conversation with our consultant to explore your sleep-related concerns and uncover their underlying causes. Sleep issues can stem from a variety of factors including respiratory conditions, psychiatric disorders, psychological stressors, and nutritional deficiencies.

Diagnosis and Specialized Consultation

Following the initial discussion, our experts will guide you towards a paid consultation with our medical doctors and lifestyle specialists. This may entail diagnostic tests such as sleep studies and blood work, tailored to your specific needs identified during the discovery call.

Treatment and Lifestyle Enhancement

Our experts will recommend personalized modalities to enhance your sleep and overall health. This may include one or more of the following – Medical management, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I Counselling), CPAP machines, tailored diet plans, exercise regimens, supplementation, and medications.

Follow-up and Progress Evaluation

Upon successful implementation of our recommendations, you can expect improvements in your sleep and overall well-being. At this stage, we’ll reassess your health and may adjust medications or dosages as needed. Follow-up schedules vary based on individual needs and the nature of the health condition.

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